Sunday, November 28, 2010

A working SUNDAY...

Although its an off day for everyone...its definitely a working day for me.....Hanging of curtains took place at a six bedded house in TIARA SETIAWANGSA.Work started at 10 am .3 roman blinds and 67 meters of pinch pleated sheers were hung ..Sebab dah penat supervise the hanging session so lets just look at the piccies aje..tak perlu banyak celoteh kan..hihihi
Will only show the pinch pleated sheers hung at the main living..The other areas will look just the same...

My two assistants which made my hanging sessions a breeze...huhuhu..bless me!

Pinch pleated sheers ready hung at the sliding the main living.Fabric from AHD Marketing.
The kitchen blind in GREENMARKET DESIGN...from ELYZA..

This roman blind at the kitchen is partially hidden on the left by the hanging wall cabinet.

Roman Blind at daughter's room.Fabric from ELYZA
Roman blind at son's room.Fabric from ELYZA

Jahit blind senang tapi tak tahan bab menggantung...a lot of process to follow...

 A lot of strings to tie,adjustments to make....before you can finally hang up.Work was completed at 1.30pm..Part 2 will continue when the night curtains are ready.


  1. kak ros, berapa kos semua utk langsir ni yer? I mean kos fabriknya shj..

  2. Mila...sheers materials Rm2546..fabric for blind RM720.Cost for alluminium track and roman blind system Rm 1000.