Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I miss bag making so much.

Ever since i move to this new work- station,and ever since i shower myself (to me it cost a fortune)with


book,i didn't have a chance to make a bag...not even one small measly pouch or wrist about buying a book for inspiration huh!Hope my customers tak lari and give up waiting for their bags to be ready.Sabar ya kawa-kawan semua!

Dah tu tiap2 hari duk menyusun barang dan moving shelve or cupboard....masih belum dapat the ideal arrangement...susah jugak kalau dapat satu rumah terak (ini bahasa orang perak...pick it up from Dear Hubby ,maksud nye besar kot) and selang seli pulak dengan mengejar customer and buat quotation..By the time i reach home i am totally knock out!Sempat jeling aje kat buku si AMY tuh!

I hope i can finish up my Sew along-applique....pun dah tiga hari staring at me seeking attention.Harap2 dia tak senasib dengan my bag making venture..

When i return to my work station at 3pm this evening,all the ready curtains were piling up waiting for my quality control check.Sayang betul kat my 2 girls.They are such conscientious and hard working.But sometimes i wish they can slow down a wee bit so that i can catch up with my cutting sessions.Nak ambil photos pun tak sempat ,dah almost shutdown time (maksud nye tutup kedai for the day...takut ade orang ingat nak bungkus bisness pulak ..huhuhu..touchwoooood)So jamu lah mata dengan baby mat ni ya....the only thing that caught my attention this evening...


  1. Good luck with new work station. So true, when i was back from holiday i was really miss making bag..