Saturday, April 23, 2011

Talk on tie-backs...

This post is specially for RINA from PPR,SERI ALAM,SUNGAI BESI..Rina is interested in attending curtain classes but is hampered as she is breastfeeding her child..So i am giving some tips in curtain making.I will provide answers to Rina's questions in 2 parts.Here are the answers for Part One.

Part One...Tie backs

The purpose of curtain tie backs is to pull curtains to one side and to let  in some air and light in through the window.

You can make tie backs in matching fabric to your custom-make window curtains.Most of the tie backs i make at NYKOLETT work-station is 3 inches in width.But the length of the tie-backs really depends on the amount of curtains being pulled to the side.So the best is to sew and hang the curtains first and then measure exactly the ideal length with a fabric tape measure.

But in general for a one panel window ...that's about 55 inches in width..the ideal length for tie-back would be 20 inches.The width that i normally choose is 3 inches.For a sturdy look,i use interfacing of 3 inches.

Please visit me here to view some ready made tie backs in NYKOLETT work station.

The end of Part One....stay tune for Part Two ya.....Have a well rested week-end!!


  1. Very informative.....! Rose, in my entire life have never done any of these tie-backs... should make one. Thanks, Dear!

  2. KakDee...actually ade banyak ready made tiebacks sold in the shops.So convenient to buy kan!Selling so cheaply pulak tu!