Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shopping Thursday

In the midst of reorganizing my work-station i could still find time to join in a shopping spree along with my good dear buddy Datin Natasha..Well actually i needed a break from my workplace.When she requested my company to guide her in choosing curtain materials for her house i welcome the offer with open hands,Its like going shopping,choosing materials of my choice....
of course keeping in mind the color  scheme  of every room...and having someone else foot the bill....hihihi isn"t that lovely..And as though that is not enough i have been given the pleasure to decide the patterns for every room.

And percaya tak,Datin Natasha spent only RM 850 on  materials to curtain up one living room and 3 bed-rooms....this unbeatable rock bottom price can only be obtained at NAGOYA.

Take a look at the gorgeous materials here.


  1. Compare with other fabric shop.. I think nagoya is one of the cheapest, kadang tuh the same material u can find at other place but with a slightly higher price..

    shopping orang lain bayar nii mmg best kan kan..

  2. betul3.....Nagoya is the cheapest from others....heeee...sbb zura pun mmg suka gi Nagoya...Kamdar pun mahal jugak....Jakel lag mahal.....bagi Zuralah....