Thursday, April 21, 2011

In my quest to shape up things at the new place,back home is a totally different story..

Since Dear Hubby was posted at LCCT for a small project and renting at NILAI and became a weekend hubby,Mr Eldest..who got married last october and moved out...was called back and moved into our home to keep dear MAMA..thats

Mr Eldest was so delighted to move back into his child- hood room with the love of his life...his Darling Wife..

So when Mr.Youngest..who stays in a kolej in Kuantan doing Architecture,comes back home during semester break,he doesn't have a room to call his own.Dia akan berkampung depan TV in the main living.And on the many occasions when he return home he will bring along his project works which also take up almost a third of my tiny living...what a scene he creates in the living...semua orang dalam rumah akan stress betul!And so the home improvement project is the 2nd day of work in progress..

Come let me take you for a messy walk into my small home improvement project here.

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