Sunday, October 21, 2012

A scrappy quilt for a single bed.

Remember a slip cover i made for a single bed mattress quite awhile ago?Take a look here.Well i manage to put some large scrap pieces together and sew a small quilt measuring 60 inch x 75 inch to team up with the slip cover .I have used a light weight batting as oppose to the 1 inch thick normal fiber which i always use for comforters.Less plumpness but i am quite happy as how it turns out.Being light weight it is easy to be carried by any toddler and easily fold/tuck away in the cupboard after washing.Less space needed thats for sure

The fabric for backing and borders are light cotton from DChomel

Very cheerful children design.Also great to use as a mat during picnic outing in the park.Don't worry if i gets dirty.Just throw into the washing machine for a good wash...Happy viewing...


  1. cantiknyerr... I love green.
    saya ada beli thin fiber tuh, tp belum try lg. rasanya kalu untuk selimut sgt sesuai kan

  2. mila...the thin fiber memang sesuai untuk buat selimut.Cuba lah..Tapi kene sambung fibrt nye bidang kocik la pulak