Monday, October 22, 2012

Oh the hexy devil got into me..

After i got recovered from the lazy bug ,i challenge myself to complete a small table cloth project for a dear senior friend..She has been barking at my ears every time i pay her a visit..On our last meet about a month ago she looked frail and tired.Who wouldn't  at the age of 76 andshe just lost her dear husband..Alfatehah

Any way i have been keeping myself busy cutting,stapling.I am blessed with so many scraps and this project is a great way to t get rid of the small pieces of left over fabrics..

300 pieces of hexies nicely packed

Just manage to stitch loosely on to the table cloth at this stage .need to polish my whip stitches..the stitches are visible from the front...ohlalala

I am keeping it simple.( just to be kind to myself haha..)A floral hexy arranged at all 4 corners.One set looks like it is going the right way..Just hope my spirit and patience stays a bit longer till i complete all 4 sets of  table cover top measuring 36 inch x 36 inch....

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