Monday, October 8, 2012

October Scraps..Episode 3..pre cuts best for patchwork projects

Today while cleaning up my storage bins i found my long lost zig zag scissors under the huge piles of scraps..oh situ lah kamu duduk selama ni ya..So today i am trying to make up the lost time with him...(make belief its a HIM,gatai!)so i started cutting scraps  ..hihihi


I cut and cut like there is no there anyone out there interested ?? 50 cents per piece ..Will cut the floral in equal size real soon..


  1. wonder berapa banyak scrap in your shop hidden here and there hihi. cantum2 jadi blanket cantik dah ni kan...

  2. Mila....dah banyak kak ros cantum2 and jadi large scraps masuk bin UFOs