Saturday, October 20, 2012

I have been bitten by the Lazy bug

Ever since i got back from my short vacation my blogging muncho is really low.Today i am trying to shrug away this hangover feeling and start tabbing on these keys.But where do i start!So much to talk about  my short stay in 3N4D in Bandung and Jakarta..We visited the famous tourist attraction at TAMAN WISATA ALAM,BANDUNG

I LIKE THE COOL WEATHER BUT DISLIKE THE HOT SUN AND THE STRONG SMELL OF SULFER.FOR A PERSON WITH A WEAK LUNG IT GETS INTO MY HEAD.But when you are in a company of good lovable friends you tend to forget your uneasiness..

But the shopping was a breeze...if you have only 3 hours to shop,theres not much time to choose.

AND THE WIDE SPREAD PADANG FOOD ....Almost every day for more rice for me for the next few waist is expanding. 

We stayed here....

Officially a 3 star hotel with a service equivalent to 5 star...
And more shopping .This time branded goods at.....

More photo takes at the entrance to RUMAH MODE
On the departure day we visited the nasional monument...


I will definitely pay another visit here but only to shop at Pasar Baru and Tanah Abang...So till nexk time selamat tinggal JAKARTA


  1. wahhh enjoy... company trip ke kak Ros. One day nak pergi jugaklah

  2. Ya hubby punye trip..enjoyable betul..