Thursday, April 29, 2010

April is leaving and May is marching in.Not much sewing done today but i had a nice time visiting a friend...

Today i spent the whole morninig visiting a friend who needed help to hang her curtains for her appartment in Villa Wangsa Mas.In a hurry to fetch her at her house (the apptment is to be rented out soon)i left my good friend ( Mr.Canon).So today i am not able to show off the curtains.*sigh*.

Anyway,she is happy with the curtains which are all in simple french pleat except for the valance in the living area which is a straight pelmet with scallop edges..I have posted the photos here on saturday 24th april.

It rained heavily on my way back.After dropping her at her house I drop by at the bank on the way to my shop. .The rain spoiled my mood to do any stitching as i got all wet at the bank and so after closing shop at 5pm i headed straight home.This is probably  the shortest thursday ...I always feel this way when i don't get  to do any sewing in a day....Well,never mind..there are many more days ahead...Anyway...on my way out i manage to grab my selvedge basket home..maybe i can catch a few moments piecing some selvedges home!!!

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