Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Swappy Wednesday (swappy to rhyme with happy*wink wink*).Apparently,i have been laden with work piling up to my nose..

The best part of doing the things i love is that i enjoy every stages of getting the job done.From measuring up,cutting the materials,getting the pieces together and finally getting them on the machine to be stitched ....everything is done with careful planning and sheer fun !

As of today i have started doing Susanah's orders consisting of curtains for sliding door at main living and  window  at daughter's bedroom,2 sets of back cushion cover,1 table cloth cover,3 stool covers,1 piano cover,2 tissue box covers...and lots of bow ribbons to adorn  on almost everything that is in the making...huhuhuhu.

With that  long list, both shimah and me will be pretty glued to the machine..cest la vie..!!

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