Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wisdom bursting through the seams...

Early this morning when i peep at myself in the mirror under the dim light(dare not switch on the bright light for obvious reasons...) just after subuh prayers,i realised that i am putting on a lot of weight!I just have to blame on AGE.When we get older,we accumulate wisdom,knowledge,happy/sad memories.,, .And when they are too much for the small head to hold,they get beautifully distributed elsewhere in the body.hihihi....But again..Life is too short too wallow on petty things..

I just have to thank ALLAH for the good life ..And i sincerely hope and pray for the good life to continue and many many more happy moments to share in this family..amin...HAVE A BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY....
i am starting mine with a cup..oops a mug of hot coffeeeee..

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