Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nappy organiser for multi purpose use.

These 2 nappy organisers are for my  good friend Pn.Zaiton.She has 3 lovely daughters.Although originally its for stacking nappies we have diversify the usage depending on where it is hung and the age of the user hihihi... .The top and the base are quilted so as to give it a good shape when it is hung up.It has a 20 inches opening running through the middle for easy storage.Not to worry..the nappy or anything store within will not fall off .It is also practical in the kitchen as it can hold all the plastics groceries for recycle.A fabric with fruits or vegetable design will be ideal for the kitchen.I still have to do another one.Looks clean ....Maybe a bow ribbon on top will compliment the overall look.

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