Monday, April 12, 2010

The pathetic look of muara Tanjung Emas.Time of visit:10-11 th April.2010.

An update of my short stay/visit in Muar over the weekend.We reached the ever busy unruly traffic system in Muar town at about 2.30pm.Without a tourist guide and arm with a blur memory of my short work stay many years ago{about 19 years ago}we got lost and drove in circles searching for The Classic Hotel which was previously booked by my eldest son.We finally arrived at our destined hotel at 3.15pm.We have a wedding invitation to fufill..At the same time Muar has a littlle soft spot in me as i have worked here for a rather short while way back in that time I was serving The Muar District Hospital and I was pregnant with my youngest child..Thats him in the photo looking at the sorry looking dirty river top up with the messy rubbish ..But the wind was blowing strongly during our breeze walk minus the hot sun ,it was a nice quiet windy walk for us .
This small town has not change much.Nothing much interesting to see.Looking at the crowds in shopping complexes I think the locals do a lot of shopping  in their free time.I say so because there is no decent garden around to go to..I am very fortunate to be living in kl,,where we have sprawling beautiful gardens and parks.But its true that we have to see one's misfortune to appreciate the beautiful things we have in front of our eyes.I am so fortunate!

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