Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The baby moses set...

For the benefit of WANI from KL,i am posting the full set moses baby basket again.This time the full package.Upah RM150.Here it goes.

It is fully quilted didalam.Lets have a closer look ok...

Theres an extra tilam just to raise the basket for easy reach to babies for newly mums who just cannot stretch to far down because of the stitches...huhuhu..if you know whait i mean.....
And a few details to show off for your viewing pleasure...
 The basket is almost fully covered beneath and fitted with tali getah to give a good grip.The basket cover can be easily remove for washing.


  1. cantiknya.. kalaulah ada baby lg nak jugak bakul camni hihihi bila ntah..

  2. Kak ros pun teringin baby...tunggu cucu lah...memang bertuah sesiapa jadi cucu kak ros...akan ku manja2 kan dengan bermacam2 bantal yang yummy and pretty...but in the meantime...berangan aje lah nak jadi nenek kakaka.

  3. insyallah.. ada lah tuh nnt. sabar yer kak ros.. tgh proses tuh hahaha