Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Machine quilting is a simple skill to master.As long as ....

you can sew a straight line,with little practice and loads of patience and maybe passion??you can tackle any quilting project.And make sure you have all the time to yourself cos a simple project will make you engross and time just flies...You just need 2 pieces of material and a batting in between the 2 materials to give weight .I only use two types of pattern in my shop for my comforters all requiring you to master the skill of sewing straight ...either diagonals or squares.

What kind of machine you need???There are many types of quilting machine in this world..Tapi yang kak pakai kat kedai ni is the simple high speed machine.Ade macam2 jenama kat kedai mesin.Yang kak ade ialah JUKI,BROTHER and SINGER..In fact any sewing machine yang bolih jahit straight line bole jahit quilt.

Macam mana pulak cara nak jahit???..Oh yes ...you must know the right. technique before venturing into any quilting project.For beginners you are always tempted to put the two pieces of material  with the batting in between and go straight to the machine and press the foot..Kalau buat macam tu memang hancurrrrrrr....hahaha its definitely not that simple lah....Just follow the following simple steps:

a) Make your choice of pattern whether square or diagonal..Sorry, i am at home while posting this..kalau   kat   kedai bolih letak gambar2 square and diagonal pattern quilt.

b) Lepas tu you have to draw ....with your hands lah...the pattern on to the material...just draw on one side only.The size is really up to you.For placemats and baby baskets 2 inch square or diagonal is pretty sweet.But for bigger projects like comforters 6 inch will be just nice..tak lah jenuh mendraw and menjahit hihihi.

c) After having drawn the square or diagonal lines...place the fiber or sponge in between the two materials and handstitch ya..Just simple 2 inch stitch in straight lines randomly..(Jangan stitch on the drawn lines pulak.). to make sure the two materials are well intact with the batting in between..Kalau tak handstitch nanti bila kita jahit kat atas mesin bahagian bawah batting akan berkedut masa jahit sebab bila kita jahit kite nampak bahagian atas sahaja...bahagian bawah akan lari.Tapi kalau dah jelujur dulu this problem will not occur..Kalau tak percaya cuba lah jahit tanpa handstitch..memang sakit jiwa!!

d) After siap handstitch baru bole bawa ke mesin and machine stitch on the drawn lines.

Kalau pakai sponge as batting lagi rumit sebab sponge keras sikit..Make sure there is another material below the sponge..kalau tak de material beneath the sponge memang mesin tak bole jalan smoothly...sponge pun akan koyakkkkkk.

So with that i end my tips yang panjang lebar nih..Hope my tips dapat bagi panduan kepada mereka yang in doubt specially to Mila and Zana....Kalau nak practical training sila lah berkunjung ke NYKOLETT...of course you will be charged a small fee...but you will enjoy the simple quilting session..

PS.For those who have extra money to splash try and buy the LONG ARM QUILTING MACHINE..dont ask me what it is...i know nuts about this machine..i only know that it makes quilting a breeze and a bliss..check it out on the website..


  1. thanks kak ros.. panjang lebar. teringin jugak nak pay a visit kat nykolet nii.. bila eks.. dekat jer tuh kalau dr gombak ni.

    thanks for tip jelujur dulu before machine stitch.. aritu saya guna pin jer.. mmg akhirnya berkedut juga kat bawah tuh... nasib kat bawah.. so org tak nampak hahaha.. tp there is room for improvement kan

  2. terima kasih kak for this post, nanti boleh ya bila kak senang2 tunjukkan gambar sekali esp jahit jelujur tu.

    one fine day zana nak pi kedai kak... mesti seronok kan belajar jahit ni...