Monday, October 25, 2010

a snap of scraps on the way to their takers.

This is for Nazaha Idris at Bangi..

And this  is on its way to Ipoh to meet his new owner Rozana Mat Isa.I will not be charging any postage or handling fees..But Both of you will be receiving 3 sets each and not two..You will have to sent back to me one set of your artwork......Fair deal kan!!!!Will post them through special delivery tomorrow...


  1. akak bila nak upload scrap yg lain.. nak jugak....huhuhuh

  2. Handmadebygee....tengah susun lah ni...sabor ya.hihihi

  3. K.Ros,

    TQ so much. Once done, will let you know,k?
    Tak sabarnye....