Saturday, October 30, 2010

Some curtains for Hari Raya Haji.

Another two weeks before Hari Raya Haji..Ade jugak yang tempah langsir baru kerana tak sempat buat persiapan for the last raya here are some  of the ready curtains...

This is for Sharifah's main living.She lives in Kemensah Heights,Taman Melawati.

Yang ini pulak swag and tail in the making.But apparently one set is ready for Siti's window.Kamariah is working another set for the sliding door as shown in the photo above.
It should be hanging on her wooden curtain rod.But as for now one is resting on my makeshift alluminiun trek at my shop just to enable me to check on the pleats.

And lets see what Nurol is working on pulak.Shes my latest staff who joined NYKOLETT earlier this month.Still on the job training.

She is quilting a cover for a swinging baby cot which arrived late yesterday evening.The owner.WANI wants it ready by wednesday for a majlis cukur jambul over the weekend.Such a short notice...*sigh*Looks like both Kamariah and Nurol will have to work on this crib on monday..Lets take a look at the crib/cradle..

Oh yes...comel will be in white with lacy frills and 5 sets of  pink ribbons will embellish this white beauty...Sempat ke buat ni????.....keeping my fingers cross...

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