Thursday, April 29, 2010

April is leaving and May is marching in.Not much sewing done today but i had a nice time visiting a friend...

Today i spent the whole morninig visiting a friend who needed help to hang her curtains for her appartment in Villa Wangsa Mas.In a hurry to fetch her at her house (the apptment is to be rented out soon)i left my good friend ( Mr.Canon).So today i am not able to show off the curtains.*sigh*.

Anyway,she is happy with the curtains which are all in simple french pleat except for the valance in the living area which is a straight pelmet with scallop edges..I have posted the photos here on saturday 24th april.

It rained heavily on my way back.After dropping her at her house I drop by at the bank on the way to my shop. .The rain spoiled my mood to do any stitching as i got all wet at the bank and so after closing shop at 5pm i headed straight home.This is probably  the shortest thursday ...I always feel this way when i don't get  to do any sewing in a day....Well,never mind..there are many more days ahead...Anyway...on my way out i manage to grab my selvedge basket home..maybe i can catch a few moments piecing some selvedges home!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hari selasa yang redup sesangat..Olih itu saya ambil peluang menikmati kehijauan dihalaman kedai saya.

Tengok lah bunga nih..Dia berbunga sepanjang masa.Tak banyak ragam,cukup air cukup baja dia pun melaram sepanjang tahun.Tapi sejak2 Bibik Suaibah pencen bunga nih merajuk sikit.Ape pun ia tetap membuat hati kecil  ini senyum setiap kali masuk pintu grill NYKOLETT.Ini lah satu2 peninggalan Bibik Suaibah yang telah lama berkhidmat dengan saya.Tak tau kemana dia pergi...Sejak balik Indon tahun lepas dah tak de khabar berita dari nye.

 Yang ini pulak Monkey Palm...pun Bibik Suaibah jugak yang tanam.Dah tinggi dari saya.

Bersih nampak laman saya.Baru saja di belai olih Tukang kebun saya,Sharip.Dia lah mengambil alih kerja2 membersihkan kawasan luar NYKOLETT dari Bibik.Tapi kebun saya takde pokok buah2an,hanya pokok2 tanaman hiasan belaka..

OK,cukup lah mengelamun ..jom jenguk pulak work in progres (WIP)di bawah ni..Ini cadar queen Pn.Hjah Ani yang perlu di quilt.At the moment tengah jelujor tangan (handstitch) mencantuum bahagian atas dengan fiber dibawah.

Bila dah cantum bahagian atas dengan fiber,dan lebihan fiber telah dibuang ini lah rupa nye.

Now kene cantum pulak kain putih sebagai lapik fiber dibawah macam gambar di atas ini Hmmmm memang banyak kerja remeh temeh.Kalau ade kemampuan mahu beli mesin kilang khas untuk jahit comforter...baru senang hidup..Lepas tu kene buka kilang comforter..Haks!!!mula lah meraban....hahaha... Dah siap jelujur tangan baru bolih machine stitch...adeh..berkejar rimau nak menyiapkan satu quilt...tapi i n joy doing it.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Last week of april...Another 5 months to my son's wedding .I am getting goose bumps!

Its already the end of april.Hope everyone had a great weekend and welcoming monday with lots of plan for the whole week.As for me the weekends were filled with heavy discussions with my wedding planner(WP) for the Mr Eldest's wedding in October.Although i know that everything is  in good hands i can't help being wooried or is it more of anxiety...hmmm....Well lets leave everything to WP and me focus on my blissful passion.
This morning i got ready Pn Hjh Ani's queen skirt.Voila....a bed of pink roses,.too femenine,don u think so!?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Curtain up your kitchen.

       Far view            Closer view

Wisdom bursting through the seams...

Early this morning when i peep at myself in the mirror under the dim light(dare not switch on the bright light for obvious reasons...) just after subuh prayers,i realised that i am putting on a lot of weight!I just have to blame on AGE.When we get older,we accumulate wisdom,knowledge,happy/sad memories.,, .And when they are too much for the small head to hold,they get beautifully distributed elsewhere in the body.hihihi....But again..Life is too short too wallow on petty things..

I just have to thank ALLAH for the good life ..And i sincerely hope and pray for the good life to continue and many many more happy moments to share in this family..amin...HAVE A BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY....
i am starting mine with a cup..oops a mug of hot coffeeeee..

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pink roses for Pn Hjh Ani's Queen bed skirt.Kerja yang dah agak lama tertangguh..

Baru dapat siapkan 4 pillow covers...frilled & piped.Bedskirt pulak will have to wait til nex week..Must be ready by monday evening..She wants to bring along with her to Penang..

Pelmet for Villa Wangsa Mas.Scallop pelmet ini untuk Pn.Hajah Khatijah for her new appartment. Appartment ini untuk disewa and fully furnished.

This pelmet is hanging from a curtain trek at my workstation.That is the best shot i can get..Nampak cacat sebab tak dapat tengok full view of the left and right tail...Lebih kurang macam suzannahs quilted pelmet ..minus the sponge!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bedroom Pelmet with scallop edges and buttons .

                  This pelmet will look much better on the curtain trek than on my work bench! It was a real pain in the neck to get the edges piped up.But i am quite happy with the result.Somehow the buttons add more charm to the otherwise plain sublte colour pelmet. Sure hope Suzannah is also happy.Could have been better with more practice though.*sigh*

Thursday Buttons,bows annd ribbons.

My hands are busy this morning making buttons,ribbons and bows as embelishments on Susannah's curtains,tiebacks,stools,etc,etc,etc.....the list is long..Just to show off a few thats ready.Many more to go..I am getting the kick making these small beauties.....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some of the latest fabrics and curtain styles by Elyza.Jamu lah mata dengan gambar2 di bawah nih ya! I tak perlu comment..let the curtains do the talking *wink wink*


Today i have an invitation to fulfill....Berbunga2 lah hati nih dapat pergi ke exclusive preview of ELYZA's newest collections and window dressing products.Sebenarnye dah 4 hari ianye berlangsung....aduh!Tapi baru hari ni lah ade kelapangan untuk kesana menjamu mata.Rugi sungguh kalau tak datang..Sungguh pun dah hampir 10 tahun jadi dealer Elyza,showroom nye tak bolih ditinjau sepanjang tahun...Hanya pada masa2 tertentu aje dealers bolih masuk...Suka sangat tengok showroom yang padat mengayakan beranika stail langsir. .I really enjoyed the preview of the 2010 window dressing styles.More vibrant colour in many many shades and the curtain styles are more contemporary.Untuk keterangan lanjut sila layari

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More than one entry per day means my hands are busy..busy hands are HAPPY hands...*wink wink*

These sheers(the one in stripes) and drapes (the one with lots of squares) is for Nailah's BILIK SEMBAHYANG at her newly acquired office.Cantiknye bilik sembahyang tu nanti.Dah siap in french pleat.

I am feeling BORED to the bones..Sometimes being indoors all the time can make me down and grumpy..So today i grab a good friend Pn.Hajah Khatijah and went fabric shopping for her new appartment at Villa Wangsa Mas.

Roses are plenty.This printed roses add a delicate femenine charm to the otherwise plain polyester sheers.Will adorn all windows in the rooms and kitchen.
Cheap curtain fabric in gold base embelished with red spirals.This timeless design will definitely add modern charm to Pn.Hajah Khatijah's living.(Only RM5 per meter,at Nagoya.).The drapes will be in simple french pleat while the valance will be a pelmet with scalloped edges lined with tassels.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Yellow drapes and black spiral polyester sheers for Nailah.These materials were brought into my shop this morning.

They belong to a young lawyer couple who are in the midst of operating a legal firm in Taman Setiawangsa.These beautiful pastel yellow drapes and matching spiral sheers are going to grace the bay window of their office.The curtains will be in plain french pleat which is most appropriate for an office.
 Another view of the materials flowing down.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

No sewing today...Time to check all my sewing materials and neccesities.

Judging by the amount of work completed, it has been a lucrative week and i am running out of threads,cotton pipings/laces,fibers sponge,....huhuhu..the list is long.Saturday is the best time to go hunting for my sewing aids as i have My Better Half to chaperone me.And where do i get my materials at such affordable price ...mana lagi kalau tak di Lorong Haji Taib....sini semua murah2..tapi parking memang masalah BESAR..Sebab tu lah kene
ade driver untuk menyenangkan hidup...

So i am signing off...Till nex week have a great and restful weekend all....

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday frills...

This stool needs bow ribbon on all 4 corners before i can say its ready...

The same goes to this piano stool cover spread eagle on my tiles .The stool is resting at home.I got this stitch by refering closely to the old cover.Hope it snuggles nicely on the actual stool..!

Tie backs with scalloped edges

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A sneak peek of work in progress.

This tango bells valance is almost 90% ready!

This queen bed skirt will just have to wait..but not for too long..i hope..hmmm

This table cloth will be nex after tango bells.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Swappy Wednesday (swappy to rhyme with happy*wink wink*).Apparently,i have been laden with work piling up to my nose..

The best part of doing the things i love is that i enjoy every stages of getting the job done.From measuring up,cutting the materials,getting the pieces together and finally getting them on the machine to be stitched ....everything is done with careful planning and sheer fun !

As of today i have started doing Susanah's orders consisting of curtains for sliding door at main living and  window  at daughter's bedroom,2 sets of back cushion cover,1 table cloth cover,3 stool covers,1 piano cover,2 tissue box covers...and lots of bow ribbons to adorn  on almost everything that is in the making...huhuhuhu.

With that  long list, both shimah and me will be pretty glued to the machine..cest la vie..!!