Thursday, May 17, 2012

The making of hexagon quilt...the old fashion way,no fancy expensive machine involved..

This is how they looked on the wrong side

They keep growing every day if you are a hard working and passionate sewer..

The ready pieced measures 60 inch x 98 inch..takes about 16.5ms of fabric,lots of hexy paper cuts,1 box of staples,countless threads and 3 months of hand stitching with tender love....but to some it is laborious work..kikiki

Just determine the backing material....i need a material and a fiber piece size as large as or slightly larger than the hexy piece..i chose a pastel pink light cotton and started attaching  them by running stitches

The backing material is ready stitched to the fiber.Don't worry if the stitches are not of the same length.They are just temporary stitches to guide you on the peddle when the quilt is machine stitch..

Now let the fiber side face up to you

Now put hexy piece over the fiber and start stitching the 3 pieces (back,fiber and the hexy piece)

This is going to take a good solid an
hour and a half before it goes on Mr.Juki....will keep you all updated.Stay tune and be sure to visit me again next week for this project...


  1. Cantik nya...:) keep updating ya kak
    .. suka tgk hasil kerja akak

  2. cantiknya akak ....suka sungguh pink tu

  3. X sabo nengok hasil kejadiannya kak ros!

  4. Tengok halfway "manual" ni pon dah ngeri, dear... What a great patience u have there..!

  5. wahhh...cun sangat! hexy tu size berapa ek kak?

  6. yuuhuuuu... tabik spring kat kak ros boleh bersabar buat hexies sebesar itu.. kalau untuk pakai sendiri maybe boleh consider nak buat, tp kalau untuk jual tokmo hahaha.. sebab nak tengok sepanjang hayat

  7. MamaDaniel..size of hexy is 1.5 inch