Monday, May 21, 2012

The ugly looking plastic stool has a frilly skirt now.

Who says a plastic stool cannot look pretty...Look at these beauties....

All 6 pieces are done for a customer who wanted to recycle her old curtains

This is the only one in box pleat and with ribbons.

Quilted at the seat and piped..the piping follows the shape of the seat which like hexy looking..

All covers have  4 strings sewn beneath which are tied neatly on the legs of the stool to prevent it from slipping. not throw away old curtains,,,recycle them and have fun along the way..


  1. The stool also? Seriously? Waaaa.....

  2. wahhh mcm tak caya itu recycle curtain.. nampak mcm baru jerr.. very good idea kak ros... the stool too... nampak mahal bila dah ada baju