Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Some curtain fabric arrived today..

it is for an appartment at 1 Jelatek...Grey background with turqouise blue like medallion print.. 

Just a simple french pleat..will be ready tomorrow and hang on next tuesday as planned.

And what i am more interested in sharing is this lovely baby quilt ,..the colour is loud and cheery......

This kind of borders with  mitered corners are a real test of patience...

Am still not happy with the looks wonky...will do the pillows tomorrow..Drop by here to see the finished product.


  1. waahhhh colourful....

    saya selalu buat handstitch binding, the one you sew (using machine) at one side, handstitch the other side, tp mmg takes time. suka sebab tak nampak benang. tapi kalau guna benang biasa rasanya kena dua lapis supaya tahan lama, yang saya guna tuh mmg coated quilting thread, susah skit nak putus.

  2. You are right takes time and patience kan

  3. You have have a look at the curtains fabric that arrived at present. Good collection