Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Curtain valance in the making...

Lately i have been distracted from curtain making as i am more preoccupied with orders relating to bed linen  and bag making..But i always remind myself that my core business is CURTAIN MAKING ,and it has always,and will definitely be my top priority.Since the orders are for weddings end of June ,i am taking my sweet time to complete..Nevertheless i am happy to say that they are all done ,simple french pleats,except for this 130 inch pelmet valance(for the bridal room) which is taking quite sometime to finalise.The reason being it is actually my second attempt doing a pelmet of its kind..This time i wanted something different from the very first that i did here.

oThe pelmet is taking shape..Will need to highlight the the scallop edges with beads trimmings to suite the occasion...it is for a bridal room..

Scallop is still at the cutting stage..more beadings at the scallop edges..

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  1. The making if curtain valance has been shown by you. It is a good post for learning