Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday sopping...oops *shopping*

Heading to kim loong for my sewing supplies.Funny for the past 10 years i have been his loyal customer..despite the fact that new stores of the kind have sprouted elsewhere i still seek his service.The shop is so small,dusty and it is just impossible to find anything..but being a long time customer i sort of know where *my* supplies are being kept.Certain things..such as fiber.. are kept in the store at the 2nd floor..So you just need to indicate the amount of meterage needed and the assistant will run up and reappear  about 15 minutes later with it ready wrap.
They have about 5 assistants but during busy days you still have to service yourself and find your own supplies.I do this all the time during my visits which is about twice in a month..Mind you,don't be disillusion by the condition of the is quite completely stock with all the sewing supplies ..Be it for bag making,curtain making,dress making.......some of the things which i need...
Top most 1 inch thickness polyester fiber,beneath is white felt which i also use as batting for certain projects...felt is @RM7pm
Fiber batting for comforter making in 5meters@RM12pm.

Sponge batting for cozies project ..Selling @4.80per piece.

Loose fiber for cusion inserts @RM12pm

ok..have to fly off now...


  1. yang tak bestnyer kat situ susah nak parking. Normally saya minta hubby turunkan kat chowkit, and then wait for me elsewhere, dah siap bayar, call to pick me up.

    Kak ros pernah tak beli fiber yg nipis tuh,rasanya RM12 semeter jugak tp bidang 40 inch jer. Batting fiber tebal tuh mmg kedekut betul diorg nak bg discount hehehe.. kut ambik 10 meter pun stil RM12 semeter. Lepas ni nak try tgk kat Abmaz plak, kut2 lg murah.

  2. mila....dekat belakang kedai kim loong ade satu parking space..the nex time you go ask the apek for the direction to go that parking space.

    Kak penah beli fiber bidang 45inchi at RM10 aje nipis sikit but not as fluffy as yang bidang 90 inch @RM12 pm...tak kira berapa banyak amik tetap rega tuh...

    I have been to Abmaz,but always disappointed..barang2 curtains tak banyak and yang ade pun old stock lah...fiber langsung tak ade masa kak pegi now you know why i like to go to that apek's shop....after 10 years it is like my third home...

  3. Betullah Kak Ros, kat Abmaz tak banyak barang utk curtain, but for craft mcm zippers, button, interfacing etc banyak jugaklah pilihan. Masa saya g arituh pun takde fluffy fiber batting ni.. ingatkan kut2 dah ada.

  4. Kat kim loong kan.;stock dia sentiasa ade..baguss betul le...i kalau bole nak le support Abmaz..tapi i like to get all my things under the same time kan mila

  5. kak boleh tanya KIm long tu kat belah mana ye?

  6. Ibu Adib...lorong haji taib...chow kit road..

  7. nak tny, yang rm7pm itu untuk yang mana? dan fiber batting rm12pm itu untuk bidang brp ye?