Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I became obsessive and compulsive .But its ok,i am happy..

I have a list of small projects on my mind (* dreaming*)and needed new vibrant fabrics to make them ..So here they are....the fabrics ..i mean

Retail therapy at Kamdar and Dchomel
They are all in small meterage...2ms to 4 meters cut..And i can now seat back and list down all the small projects that have been doodling in my mind..
Come take a closer look at some of the fabrics....

Mickey Pink and Blue Dots

Paisley and Pink Dots

Lady Bug and The Butterfly

The School Bus
The Petal And Ladybird
Amoeba Blue

Ballerina At The Tower
Lavender Love
And the project list......
1)Baby basket@crib cover
2)Toddler comforter sets
3)Diaper Bags
4)Teacher's Record Book Cover--for teacher's day
5)Telekung@all purpose Pouch/es--for mother's day..


  1. urpppp..alhamdulillah.. kenyang tengok fabric collection akak... :D hehehe...
    xnak buat diapers stacker untuk cucu ke kak? :D

  2. MamaDaniel....tu lah ..ingat nak buat jugak using these new collections of mine..Stay tune lah for updates..