Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oh..Hello there..long time no blogging

Well ...since it is a public holiday today i have more time on my laptop keys.Lets say i have been busy always..And its extra busy when you have to cut and sew as well.. and giving tutorial every half an hour...can't rely much on my snail seamstress...she definitely have to go or else i have to close business..

So thats how my days seem to past so quickly til  i forget i have a blog to keep..But when you are too tired its no fun seating in front of the screen..

But the best part of having to do everything is i got the chance to recollect those early years of business when $$ was tight and i was doing every thing on my own to cut cost...i was able to cope at that time with one assistant.But now ..about 10 years later ..and a longer customer list to attend to ...i am screaming  HELP!
stock photo : Very angry woman
stock photo : young cute woman

comel  kan dia orang ni menjerit..i look more like the first icon...


  1. Rose, if you are in that situation..... memang critical.....! :) Be cool, dear. But sometimes by doing thus, it helps!!!!!!!

  2. Hahahah....kesian kak rose....redah je kak ....bila semua dah berlalu mesti rasa alah senang je nak laluinya....

  3. Be cool kak Rose.. arituh dah jerit kat danau toba tak ni?