Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The story of the male seamstress.....continuation

Lets take a look at the cusions that was done haphazardly even after redoing for the second time...mila ,this is for your eyes hihihi...yang french pleat kak tak tayang cos they are purrfect

notice the material twitch at the zip..
This is what happen when i attempt to pull down the zip....the zip gave away..

That was done on day 6..On day 7 he did a great job on this red curtain,.well french pleats are his favorites i guess...kain teramat licin but job was beautifully done  and i am quite happy..

Come day 8,9 and 10 ...there was no sign of phone calls,no reply to my smses ...i was away holidaying on those days and dear daughter was assign to keep a watch on Mr.Seamstress.Daughter was happy as Mr.Tough  guy was not around to be supervised.So dear blogger friends...if you are in my shoes what would you do ehh?dah kojol two quitters in a week..hmmm.Life is definitely not getting better or even worst,i hope not...

And yesterday another seamstress (lady)reported to work.Easy come easy go ..Today is her second day....I rest my case for awhile and keeping my fingers cross and hope her fingers don' get into the needles while she get acquainted with the bulwark...i even showed her where i keep the first aid kit box..just in case if the need arise.


  1. pelik tuh kalau senyap jer.. at least bgtaulah nak berenti kan. challenges being an employer..

  2. mmg kena bersabar bila jd boss, kn? InsyaAllah the best will turn up soon.