Sunday, October 30, 2011

Jalan2 cari project..

Renovation works almost ready at this two and the half storey house Bukit Setiawangsa.For starters,  measurements on all windows  were taken yesterday.

The Master room with pink featured wall

The Pink room

The blue room

Window at main living

A small door to the balcony

Wet and dry kitchen
And then back to my work station to choose the materials and prepare quotations....


  1. Akak ...rumah saya saya ukur sendiri...hahaha nak jimat

  2. Oh ye ke...tapi kak tak caj for ukur and aje.

  3. wahhh...mesti cantik nnti. tak sabar nak tgk hasil.
    Palmet buat tak ? untuk 3 panel sliding door

  4. Pn Es...customer nak 2 layers aje..night and day curtain aje...tak dapat nak propose pelmet huhuhu