Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pink and green combo...a unique combination

Trying to figure out what is the best color to match a loud pink wall.Found some nice color combo in the net at...Shoshana Gosselin

Rupa2 nye mesra jugak warna pink and green...unsangkarable..But since the wall i am working with is a bright hot pink,maybe a softer shade of green will be more agreeable?

And also bump into this simple scallop edge piped valance..Rhymes well with the roses in the fabric..

Tak tau kenepa suke sesangat dengan bebunga rose ni....Why am i liking roses so much..may be because my name is ROSNI...aha aha 


  1. Akak sama ngan nama kakak saya ...kami adik beradik semua mula dengan Rus kecuali adik saya

  2. saya suka rose jugak.. (:

    kalau rose biru campur dengan putih.. cantik tak? untuk sewing room kita... ngeee.. :D

  3. Suzie...bunyi sama ya..ejaan aje lain kan...

  4. Mamadaniel...rasanye putih bole mesra dengan ape2 color pun..tapi since cepat kotor so guna white sparingly lah..