Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I received this award from KDee who has been my favorite blogger 
companion since i started my crafty blog three years ago..i say so because i visit her almost every day..I feel very much flattered and definitely honored to receive it.Thanks a zillion KDee.

There are rules to this award..

A)thank and link back to the person who gave you the award...i just did.

B)share seven things about yourself...this a tough one...but i will just bulldoze through to get over it...hahaha.

1) I served the government for 14 years,the job sucks but i perform well and was awarded the Excellent Award.....i quit 3 months after the award to become a full time mum...."sia sia aje aku bagi award kat dia,"says my boss at that time...cian dia

2) I detest the word " entah le" but i am surrounded with people whom i love and they used it constantly...

3) i have a sweet tooth and love coklats,cakes   and anything related to cheese..i have lots of cookies on my coffee table all the year round..,not only in syawal

4) i like the color white...and the color adorn my bedroom curtains,bedsheets,pillows and not forgetting white long shirts are my fovourite although they make me look huge...

5) I don't like people who chew their meals a loud...too bad i am living with one..

6) i can take any kind of positive criticisms if it is for a good cause.....thick skin ehh!

7) I love money and shopping...thats why i like to work... work + money + shopping=blissfull life

C) need to pass the award to 15 other bloggers...

And with that i am passing this award to 15 other bloggers...who has been my followers and whom i visit often and has made my blogging life a joyous one til now....

1)nadia at color me pretty

2) sue at

3) Han Aja at

4) Daffy at

5) Azura at

6) Saniah at

7) Haniem at

8) Zai at

9) Wynn at

10) Za at

11) Wani at

12) Yong at

13) Ieyza at

14) Anna at

15) Ifa at

Ok ,phew..! that is one hell of a long list..

D) and lastly you need to contact all the 15 bloggers to alert them of this award.

.Will be contacting all of them real soon..


  1. tq so much sis..sbb ingat ifa nie..=)
    lama dh kot xde main award2 nie..hee

  2. kak rose...tq ye kak..i kena belajar mcmana nk main2 award ni sbb saya budak baru belajar berblog..:))..anyway..terima kasih atas ingatan..:)

  3. Thank you so much, that means a lot to me.

  4. What a pleasant surprise! Thank you for having me on your mind. a naive question, what am I suppose to do next? paste on my blog and do as you did?

  5. yes exactly like i did..enjoy yourself while at it ya..

  6. how to copy this???I can't any HTML code?? Probably I'm not expect in this...

  7. daffy,please keep on trying..i faced the same problem initially,but managed to get through..