Thursday, October 6, 2011

The longest week..

This week is probably the most drabby week.Productivity on the mode slow..Two new staffs report to work earlier of the week ..but lacking in experience...One staff showed signs of quitting on her day 3 at work as she could not come to terms with the high speed machine and my way of using the tapak kedut for making frills...dia lebih suka buat kedut the old fashion way that is tarik benang and she conveniently did not turn up for work today.She did not even bother to call me so i take it that she has quit.That's not polite isn't it? Anyway....Good riddance ....

 A different story about the other new staff who happen to be a male seamstress.He has 4 years experience in the same field,so he claims..He did a great job sewing simple french pleat curtains on day 1,2,3,4..Very neat work and he works like a robot..rough and rakus...patah2 jarum ..Did not turn up for work on day 5 due to some domestic problem.Came to work today and i gave him square cusions to sew which needed piping and zip attachments..Wowo....the cusion look traumatised .....tapi mengaku semua bole buat..

to be continued......updates will be pretty thin for the next few days.I need a breather from teaching senior kinder-garden students to sew.Lets hope i return afresh and more resilient and be able to live with a little bit of imperfections for awhile at the office...


  1. Rose, sabor jer laa kan....!

    kDee kena belajar semua ni dari Rose!

  2. kak ros.. tunjuk skit hasil keras tangan male seamstress tuh hehe