Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cusion manggis to do

This tutorial is long over due.I have kept the uploaded photos for so long but did not have the time to sit and blog about it...model yang menjahit tu pun dah letak jawatan......Sorry i am bad at explaining but hope these photos suffice... wordless tutorial....almost

A..take two fabrics 25 inch diameter

B....Two linings 25 inch diameter

C....two sponge 25 inch diameter

D....divide the circles into 6 equal parts will have two sets now

E.....attach the fabric,lining and sponge..and machine stitch on the lines

F....draw the scallop using a large plate..but this lady did free hand..terror ke malas nak cari pinggan??

G.....join both sets by machine stitch at the scallop lines,but leave one side open for turnover two buttons ,each on one side..nice even scallop..she definitely has a good control of her hands.

I.....stuff a lot of fiber as much as you want..

J....close the openinig and sew..hand stitch.. the piping,cording or any kind of embellishment that you like.

4 cusion manggis ready...but all already sold a couple of months ago.....punya lah long overdue post..
I am happy to answer any just shoot ok.