Monday, June 7, 2010

Had a brisk walk down memory lane over the weekend.An update of the first day...SATURDAY

Last Saturday the 3 of us (Miss 2,My Better Half n my goodself.. of course)took a trip to Batu Pahat which was our home for almost 8 years..from 1992 till year 2000..A lot of fond memories were weaved during this short 8 years stay.But our visit this time was more of fullfilling a wedding invitation...the bride being Miss 2 best friend. while the mother of the bride taught all three of my chidren recite the Quran.So that was how close the bond between the two fdamily.Well...theres so much to talk about and lets just start with our arrival to our place of stay...The Batu Pahat Rest House..huhuhu
Being the first week of the  school holidays most of the good hotels were we had to settle down to the humble Batu Pahat Resthouse at Jalan Tasek.So sad to say this run down building has been neglected for such along time..The rooms were unkept..As soon as we open the door ,our jaws dropped.Miss 2 started listing down things to buy to make our one night stay comfortable...among other things the list included fitted sheet,pillow cover and the pillow as well,towels.....emmmm after adding the cost of all the things we bought to the Rest House bill its almost equivalent to a one night stay in a 4 star hotel!
After getting all the things in Miss 2 lists we went to Miss 2 favourite park during her chilhood days.Too bad my two sons were not able to come along..Off to Tasik Y..

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