Friday, June 11, 2010

Just the same sewing over and over again.

Haven't been showing off my sewing lately..a lot of distractions...among other things  like supervising workers upgrading my room at home plus running around looking for second hand Kancil for Mr,Youngest transport in Kolej..So Shimah is left to monitor work at my shop...and updating this blog is not included in her job specification!huhuhu.

But my room is finally ready!I have my own blogging area in my almost finished tiles,new paint.and now awaiting for my new wardrobes..Will show off my small nest when its 100% completed..and to a more serious tone lets take a look of some work in progress,

This is Suzannah's single bed comforter .She requested for 4 sets with 2 pillow covers each set.Lets take a look underneath.

Its plain cotton underlayer..Like getting two comforter at the price of one..By tomorrow one will be ready.

And this is Pn.Laila's pencil pleated scalloped valance.Can't take a full view as it is sooooo long!The scallop are halved at the two ends.Here let me show one end.A very simple but sweet valance and takes up a lot of meterage though....A light weight material will compliment the whole presentation.

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