Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hari Selasa yang cukup nyaman sebab.....hujan turun pagi nih untuk seketika..

And i think today is the best day to start the first ever Nykolett Giveaway to all my blogger friends out there..selalu nye mereka singgah aje kan di blog nih...  so now why don u drop a word or two....i'll be so thrill.. i don bite you know...but this time i am giving away small gifts... As i have to keep postage cost to a minimum,this giveaway is only for within MALAYSIA only...macam lah ade orang luar negara membaca blog ku ini...perasan lah pulak.Kenapa lah sibuk nak buat giveaway nih ekk....Nah lihat lah nih....sebahagian trash yang tak terurus..
And the ready items...A few of these dah ade tuan...cuma lambat ambil sebab financial problem kot...

So back to the Giveaway for this week....i am letting go a 15inch x 15inch cusion and 1.5 m matching sheers as one package.So this is how they look...this entry is open till SUNDAY 27 JUN,12 NOON.I will draw lots and pick only one person and the winner will be announce On Monday,BEFORE 12 NOON...senang nak ingat...This GIVEAWAY will be a weekly affair as from today...and hope my trash will be kept to a minimum....by puasa month...

And as for Zai,from LOVE STITCH, or zaira zone do dropby in person...i will be delighted to have you...bring some friends too...it will be fun!!


  1. Macam mane nak masuk, letak comment kat drop box ni je ke??


  2. yes dear...and tell how you stumble on my blog.ok..