Thursday, June 24, 2010

What a bad day....emm benci nye!Tapi takpe long as she is happy,and i get to be paid...ikut aje lah.

Ari nih pergi gantung langsir kat rumah Datin Zainun,,Pagi lagi dah sampai umah which is rather huge for two elderly people to be living in..Anyway Datin is such a loveble motherly person..Lepas 30 minutes Yuni (my assistant )siap gantung curtains which is a 3 layered curtain consisting of night curtain,day curtain and a simple valance..Everything was perfetto..but lepas everything was up,Datin pun duduk and commented...while Yuni and i had a go at the pizza and warm coffee..
 DATIN  Rosni,kenapa ekor valance macam terlebih panjang,it makes  my  window look rather short lah..

MY ANSWER : Bukan ke datin yang request for 30 inches tail and 15 inches drop in the middle...camtu baru nampak beautiful steep V terbalik.

DATIN.: Tu lah,,,,tapi nampak ketot lah my window..( with that she started climbing the ladder to fold the tail to see how it looks at 24 inches)  Oh yes!!....i like it shorter...You think u can take up a few more inches,dear..?

So esok kene lah bertandang balik ke sini..huhuhu

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