Friday, June 4, 2010

Eh,eh...dah jumaat ya! whooshhhhhhhh.....hyper laju minggu ini....

Orang kata kalau rasa cepat masa beredar maana nye kite ni teramat sibuk dengan kehidupan.Oh !it is so true..dikedai sibuk dengan tempahan...dirumah pulak pening dengan kerja2 menaikkan taraf bilik tidur ku...and finally dah siap pun mengetile(laying of new tiles) and to get the cabinets done and the meantime baju2 masih bersusun dalam kotak...adeh...!!

Now lets take a look of two fabrics from IKEA brought in by Farah for her 2 sets of roman blind.
This serene blue is for her roman blind in her master bedroom measuring 78 x 67.Dah ready this morning.

This multi coloured star fabric is also from IKEA for her children's room.Also a roman blind and ready this evening.As though i don't have enough things to do i manage to grab my long abandoned selvage project and finally got to make it look like "something"....a bag ...maybe?!Tapi tak jadi jadi hahah.
 Maybe a tieback with tassel will  do the trick..

Hahaha,looks a bit funny though..One lesson learned from this project  is never put off a job that you have started cos catching up is a daunting task..

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