Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nostalgic Sunday at Low Piak,Sekolah Rendah Tengku Mariam,JPS,Minyak beku and Stadium BATU PAHAT.

Only 4 hours left before the wedding after which we are heading straight home and we still have a few more destinations to peek.

We had an early breakfast at Low Piak which consisted of a traditional nasi lemak cooked in pure coconut top up will the normal ikan bilis,kacang,sambal with a choice of ayam goreng or sambal sotong.What makes this humble warong different is the gulai lemak putih with sayur kobis n longbeans which is served as side dish with the nasi lemak...Yummy.yummy..Simply delicious and fabulous!!!Sorry no pictures were taken cos all three of us were too busy dipping into our plates..Thanx Zai (owner of the warung who could still recognised My Better Half)for the warm hospitality at the warung.

Then we were off to Minyak Beku,residents of Batu Pahat says that the tiny well here has a significant past.For details sila lah ke website nye ,ya..Ini lah gambar2 yang sempat dirakam..

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