Saturday, June 19, 2010

I am doing a little house ...oops! shop cleaning soon....a few giveaways..over at NYKOLETT.

You just have to pop over here and leave a comment...Stay tune for updates...and as of today i am close for the weekend..and off to kuantan.....


  1. Salam..this is the first time I respond to a giveaway invitation. Remnant, scraps n pieces always interest me and of course NYKOLETT is my favorite blog to visit whenever I'm in Craftzone.

  2. Wasalam..thanx for dropping by Pn.Zai..Talk about remnants i have a huge piles of them..just need time to clean up..Care to assist me?dropby lah at NYKOLETT in person.

  3. Why I might just do that :) after all I'm not too far away.