Monday, August 8, 2011

Home alone again....

Every soul in this house has return to their own nest..So i will be on my own til saturday..The two newly weds are in Muar and presumbly on leave til tuesday.

Berbuka dengan lauk recycle lah jawabnye...Sempat jugak singgah kat mini bazar ramadan on the way balik tadi..Konon nak cari kuih manisan untuk berbuka ..Ade lima stall.Tapi semua jual bende yang sama aje..Tapi sebab dah dapat parking best2 betul2 depan bazar might as well rembat a few kuih.My favourite has always been the egg caramel grab 2 pieces...itu aje!

Ok..and now some updates on work done at my office..First,  lets take a look at a friend who is my constant companion since my childhood days when i was learning to recite ..Yes!The Quran.Well today i made her a new cover all in green and with roses..

Most of the pages are slightly torn.And some pages holds my tears mark..I learn to read the quran from my mum who is so strict.One verse wrongly read were rewarded with a pinch on my peha..Aduh merah lebam!Tu yang menangis sampai menitik2 kat quran..Bebudak sekarang untung.Mak panggil ustaz kerumah untuk mengajar..Selamat lah dari kene cubit dan dijerit hihihi. 

And the four pillows are ready for Kak Ummi..

Two pieces in embroidery and two pieces in plain lavender.

And the baby basket in progress....

This basket will be in pink with box pleated frills on the outside and quilted on the inside.

This dining chair (6 pieces ) is waiting to be covered in the floral vintage  material from elyza with matching table cloth and valance.

And more sheers que ing up..
Thats about all the work to be done before i close for raya...I think i have ample time.....insyaalah...if i don't fall sick again...touch wood....


  1. Exactly, sis.. Dulu mengaji siap kena cucuk mata dgn 'penunjuk', selalunya lidi. Bila la agaknya masa nak jenguk ur kedai..

  2. Kak.. saya pun belajar ngaji dgn mak.. tapi nasib baik jugak la.. mak saya x berapa garang..mungkin masa muda2 dia garang.. tp bila sampai turn saya dgn adik dia dah x garang dah.. hehhe

    nice quran cover.. sejuk mata memandang.. :)

    pillows tu pun cantik.. nice color combo.. :)