Friday, August 5, 2011

Looking back over the years

A couple of weeks ago i received a call from a very warm gracious lady customer who  have been with me since year 2005.I curtained up her 8 bedded bungalow house in year 2005..I also did the bridal room  for her only daughter's wedding which took place at their home the same year on christmas day.And in the year 2008 i was called again to decor the wedding room for his eldest son...but his wedding reception was held at a renown hotel..

On christmas day this year ,son no 3 is tying the knot. And since the wedding is going to be on the home ground....all curtains need to be changed as the theme will be green.
Hijau pucuk pisang...pistachio green,apple green lime green...".Every window should be curtain up with a touch of green." says Datin.
Oh yes,it is going to be a green wedding in the garden.So our 2 hours meeting on last Wednesday was very fruitful as she has chosen all materials.Well this is going to keep me occupied after raya.In the mean time i need to think of the various curtain styles for each area and to come up with the costing as i definitely need some advance cash to start the ball rolling.

Come lets take a peak at the curtains which i made 6 yeas ago.I had to snap the photos to refresh my memory.I don't want to be cooking up the same pattern  this time around.Oh please excuse for the disheveled way it has been hung by the maid after washing..Agak nye i kene bagi kursus mengenai cara-cara menggantung langsir pada bibik terhormat..But the problem is everytime i pay a visit here theres always a new maid....Adeh...

At the main living
At the second living near the grand piano
At the stair case going up...
The girl's room...before her daughter got married she stayed in this room.
Dining area
Dry kitchen...
Son no 2's room
Son no 3's room

Not posted here are the 7 toilets ,the master room.,maid's room (which is out of bounce at that time) and the bridal room which is under renovation..Looks like my hands are full for the next couple of months.Sure need extra staff after raya.Wish me luck ..


  1. The very best of luck, Rose. Your hands are full, and lots to take care!!!!

  2. All the best! they are great work...

  3. wow.. tahniah kak! rezeki..rezeki.. :)