Saturday, August 20, 2011

Can you just hear the end of ramadan creeping up on you ?

Today i went shopping for Mr Youngest 's baju melayu..Hmm.It was only ten minutes past ten am.But people are flocking the deparmental stores already so early.,and i thought we were the early birds.I never like crowded places.Lucky he did not waste much time scouting around and found one that suits him well in a jiffy and by 11.30 we were out of the store..

And we will continue the shopping spree next weekend at Sungei Wang Plaza for some shirts and pants.They have so much choice here and not forgetting a much denser crowd....

And the sound of fireworks are increasing during the nights..despite the endless caution and reminders in the papers and Tv...people are still burning fireworks out loud ,children losing fingers through carelessness and vendors selling in the open market...When will all this end..?

And with all that said....the saddest part of all being .................
ramadan is actually slowly leaving us....@sigh@


  1. tak buat sendiri ke baju melayu kak ros?

  2. Mila...bab2 baju kak ros memang tak pandai langsung lah..semua beli siap sementara ade saiz di pasaran..hihihi

  3. shopping for exciting, my friends started their shopping a month ago...It is so fun.