Tuesday, August 16, 2011

No electricity today..haiyo yo!

Due to the heavy rain yesterday the thunder struck my electricity housing and i had to wait for TNB for inspection and later had to get the electrical man to fix the fuse.A good 4 hours wasted ..I had earlier given my seamstress the whole day off thinking that it would take the whole day to rectify the problem..

And as for me i thought it is a good time to dive into Amy Butler's Cosmo Bag.So i spent the whole morning cutting and cutting and cutting...endless cutting..and by 3pm i ran out of interfacing and that is when i call it quits for the day.

I am utilizing all my big scrap for this cosmo bag..takut tak menjadi beg besaq ni.!

Not so productive today.But i am quite contented that i have begin cutting all the pieces and now i just need to get my ration of interfacing and in the mean time will definitely have to visit the various tutorials and reviews in the web before starting any serious sewing ...So i will fly off to Chow Kit Road tomorrow morning to get some craftysupplies,interfacing is first on the list!
Better get home quick.I never like spent time alone in my office.Tada!

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