Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dining chair covers in progress..

A quick update before i go to the battle field......nak masak untuk berbuka hmmmm........

Remember tak the dining chair which i posted a couple of days ago?One set is ready.Five more to sew.

The seat is hard marble..uncomfortable and makes the chair heavy,

The chosen fabric to match the kitchen valance and the table cloth.

There is a small pleated box pleat to give a neat polish look..and piped all round the back rest,

A two inch border all round the edge of the 10 inch skirt.There is a small pocket  with a chair pad insert on the seat to give the comfort and fluffy effect.

That is as much as i can write.This is injury time  ...have to fly to the kitchen real fast..Enjoy the pics.


  1. cantik la kak..

    kak.. kalau nak order cover ni, kena hantar kerusi ke kak?

  2. MamaDaniel...oh yes i need one kerusi for a nice fit.