Sunday, August 14, 2011

Two full days spent at home...

Bestnye dapat bermalasan di rumah sepanjang hari tanpa menghirau waktu berlalu..except bila dah nak dekat pukul 5petang ..i will start to cook like those chefs in  the AFC channel...You have been Chopped...aha,aha!

But don't get me wrong..lazying means not just seating on the sofa with both legs up in front of the TV.My version of lazying in the house is having time to myself and doing household chores which my two -days- only-in a week- maid left unattended.Yes!doing house work can also be therapeutic at times.

Hmm ..although my maid comes at 9.30am and finishes at 3pm on tuesdays and fridays and works like there's no tomorrow..(bless me!)...there are certain things i like doing my own way...

...I did a lot of scrubbing on the stoves ...two oven stoves and one microwave oven the two fridges.
...peeling onions,gingers , blending ,  and later storing them in small jars all ready for cooking time in the evenings..
...and the best part of it all is cleaning the fish,chicken ,beef ,prawns,veges and assorting/packing  them in equal eating portions for the family.

Funny how this little preparations done well ahead of time saves me a lot of hassle and makes my cooking a breeze before berbuka time.And when all is done i will just reward myself with a short nap till 5pm when it is time to hit the pots and pans and start cooking for berbuka...


  1. OMG! Best nye.. Nyampah aku, jeles nih... ;)

  2. OOi Lady TPJ...semua orang cuti lah sabtu ahad..Ape yang nak dijeleskan..Hang kerja ke pulak...cian..