Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Simple curtains for my petite kitchen....

I am so happy that 60% of wip is done at the office..and now i can concentrate a bit on my own shabby home.The most important area that needed attention is my wet kitchen which was renovated a few months ago.At first i thought a simple valance in plain sheers would suffice as i wanted the kitchen to be bright and sunny with lots of natural light peeping through..But suddenly i could not bear the hot sun during the evenings..especially now that it is the month of ramadhan where i spent my entire evening cooking up good food for the family....So i installed the roman blind which gives me the option to bring the curtain down during the exceptionally hot days .. and so here it is...

At first it was just this valance

And then came the roman blind..this is how it look when pulled down.
and when raised slightly up..

And when fully up is like having two valances....hahaha notice the wall cabinet which did not appear on the previous photos but suddenly appear in this one.?Well my installer just got it installed while i was uploading this post....and yes i notice he has put it a little bit too high..That calls for another small cabinet below..perhaps!

The materials for the blinds were from table cloths which i bought recently.


  1. Like, spotting the difference, sis? Good for you.. No need to hire any tailor for any valance!

  2. Lady Tak Pe Je....this is the small perks you get to enjoy when having your own business..sikit-sikit bole lah..definitely customer's orders come first.