Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A pink basket... for twins?

A week ago a grandmother came with the baby basket below to my shop.I was not present a that time but my girl was there to service her.I think this is the third time i am making up the same basket.The first was in pink , the second in blue and now she is expecting twin grandchildren...hmmm..i was wodering if the twin girls can both cuddle into this small basket.She wanted a pink basket and it was totally up to me to decide the choice of material and pattern.

Anyway i knew i wanted to try something different..And since i have to keep to a small budget which means no pillows,no blankets but just the basker cover i thought i wanted to deliver something quite different from the last two i did..So after oggling on the web i decided to do the box pleat instead of the normal machine pleated frills.And i used two tone materials for the box pleated frills.And the outcome is quite pleasant..

I think the 4 ribbon-bows make the basket look very pretty and dainty..I hope it is pink enough for the granny..But somehow i feel the color is a bit sallow...Don't you think so.?

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