Friday, September 16, 2011

Holiday time again...

Another public holiday on a that makes a long week end..I should be happy because hubby will be home much longer and Mr.Youngest is back from college.At least the house is filled with more fun and laughter till sunday,,But this Hari Raya open house gathering is getting me sick ...sick means real sick..I get stomach upsets after each meal...and the frequent visits to the toilet in the middle of the night is robbing me of a good night sleep.Nothing wrong with the food,its just my poor old tummy adjusting to the normal meal schedule after ramadan.

And on top of it all it is raining i wish i could just snuggle quietly in bed and watch a nice movie...I could hear dear hubby calling me downstairs..I am off to another  open house gathering...its just a few doors poor tummy.

Goodnite friends..Have a well rested week-end..

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