Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The pelmet story..

Enough updates on my staff problem..Life have to go on kan....

For the past few days i have been working on two pelmets for a customer who is also a dear friend of mine.Her daughter is getting married in November..So she wanted a face-lift for the house curtains .I did her curtains about 7 years ago.And she has been holding on to it for that long.

The pelmet on the left is 7 years old while the two sets on the right are the new ones that i have just made.

She wants the new pelmet in the same pattern as the old ones.But i just added some frills on the heading tape.Attaching the bias at the edges of the quilted pelmet took a lot of time than the quilting.I cut 4 inchs strip bias and fold into 2 inch before binding it neatly  on the raw edges.

I made the V sharper...The night curtain for this pelmet is in the same color as the grey fabric which i used for the frills , back lining as well as the bias..The night curtains were bought by customer ready made during her visit to Indonesia a couple of months ago..

So would you like to know the budget?For two sets of pelmet measuring 88 inches x 39 inches at a cost of only RM360...materials are from NAGOYA.


  1. cantiknyer...lining akak letak span ker??fiber???kain gam???

  2. buDakITam...lapik pakai span aje..