Saturday, September 24, 2011

Love-hate relationship with Gemsy..

Meet my old friend,Mr.Gemsy who has been with me for almost 10 years..He is an over lock machine.An over lock sewing machine will cut the edges of the cloth as they are fed and give a clean finished seams.

I just love this guy as he is so versatile and has gone a long way with my sewing business in hemming,decorating and reinforcing many projects.Ade jugak orang panggil sergers...huh...lagi senang cakap orang melayu kite mesin jahit tepi lah!

Oh and he runs fast and flurry...1000 to 9000 rpm...depending how hard you hit the presser you have to be fully alert and focus closely when you are at it..

And if you are in the same business as me it is advisable to have two...and make sure you constantly service them as often as you do with your normal sewing machines.

I hate it when the thread gives a way as threading and overlock machine can be a real pain in the neck ..especially if you have old eyes like me and you are hard press for time and you are in a middle of a nearly - to -finish job.....and excitement is getting the best of you...

Theres a video on how to use the normal over lock machine..sesiapa yang berminat bole le bertandang ke


  1. Nur,nak guna senang..tapi kalau benang putus payah jugak nak thread balik..kene buat selalu baru senang..

  2. I am using this at home..the worst part is threading the needle, it takes ages if I do myself so I seek help from my children..when they are around.

  3. Salam kak,
    sama.. i pun guna Gemsy. dah guna about 3yrs kot, jahitan pun cantik. rasanya kalau overlock threading memang complicated. luckily mine jarang putus benang and kalau putus selalunya benang yang sama, tempat sama.. so dah biasa buat, tak susah dah.. pakai pengepit bengkok yang macam dr bedah pakai tu ;D

  4. Zai...kalau putus benang i serah aje kat my girls ..they have younger eyes...

  5. Nai,kak punye mesin overload ni selalu putus benang...especially bila projek guna fiber or sponge sebab tebal...actually kene go slow ...tapi kekadang hayal duk tekan pedal laju2...